With efficient planning and meticulous attention to detail, we'll help you uncover hidden truths and cut down on time and resource consumption.

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We focus on case-relevant information that will arm you with the right facts and supporting evidence for the road ahead.


Extensive investigative experience and an intimate familiarity with the South African justice system ensures fast and efficient operations that won't waste your time or money.


Over the years we've worked closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to assist with the investigation of high-profile cases throughout South Africa.

Our investigative experience delivers the efficiency and competence required to bring criminal and internal investigations to a successful close. In doing so we've assisted businesses, legal teams and law enforcement agencies to get the facts they need to serve justice where it is demanded.

Spanning corporate, civil, and criminal cases, our private investigation services are conducted by qualified individuals, each of whom has years of experience in the field - notably with the South African police service.

Our investigative proficiencies include:

  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Background and criminal record checks
  • Lie detector tests
  • Witness examinations
  • Testimony verification
  • Data analysis
  • etc.

Close collaboration with prominent law-enforcement, legal, and governmental entities ensure that we are in a position to constantly evaluate the relevance of evidence submitted to the South African Police Service, thereby building evidence-based cases with a diminished potential for acquittal.

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Through our forensic auditing service we deliver detailed intelligence regarding the financial status of a company. It is our aim to expose creative accounting and falsified reports where they may exist - not only with suspected wrongdoing, but also where investment commitments, mergers, acquisitions, and other valuable and binding contracts are concerned. After all, every deal has a losing side; we supply our clients with all necessary information to provide them with confidence and peace of mind.

Through forensic auditing we provide:

  • Due diligence support
  • Corporate intelligence gathering
  • Asset tracing and verification
  • Fraud and management risk assessment

Pro-active protection

Effective control and security measures can reduce the potential of white collar crimes occurring. As such they also have the potential to minimise potential losses to company assets and the costs associated with related disciplinary and legal action.

Our forensic auditing unit offers the experience required to supply effective and purposeful intelligence which can be employed for the formulation of security and control measures, or their enhancement.

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CSI Africa is a driver and co-developer of background screening technology in South Africa. Our aim is to turn human risk into valuable trust-based relationships.

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