Our criminal record expungement process simplifies the journey to a record-free life. If it's been 10 years or more since your minor crime conviction, give us a call today.

What's in it for you?


A record-free life provides you with the freedom and opportunities to create a reality with more benefits and rewards.


More businesses are including criminal record checks in their hiring strategies - you'll enjoy more employment opportunities.


Once your record has been expunged, you'll be able to apply for visas to visit international destinations across the globe.

Struggling to find work? Unable to travel or emigrate? Many upstanding and highly regarded South Africans find themselves in a similar predicament due to a conviction for some or other petty offence committed during their early adult years.

Through CSI Africa, criminal record expungement is now an affordable option for individuals from all walks of life.

Criminal record clearance in South Africa is, however, dependent on a few qualifying factors:

  • The record has been in existence for at least a decade (10 years or more) and there has been no subsequent conviction(s)
  • The offence for which you were convicted was of a trivial nature, such as petty theft, shoplifting, fraud, certain politically motivated crimes and crimes in respect of which the punishment is now unconstitutional. Convictions of crimes of a serious nature, such as murder, rape and other sexual offences, armed robbery, and assault with the intention to do serious bodily harm, do not qualify for criminal record expungement
  • You were given the option of paying a fine (R20,000 or less)
  • You were advised that paying a fine would not result in a criminal record, but have subsequently discovered the existence of your criminal record

CSI Africa takes care of the entire criminal record expungement application process to ensure that it is as painless and effective as possible. Should your case require a decision by the High Court, we will refer you to a fully informed and experienced attorney who can help you achieve your goal of a record-free future.

Get started on the road to a record-free life today for just R2,243 - call 0861 274 911


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The cost of the expungement process is R2,243. The standard duration for a criminal record expungement is anywhere from 7 - 10 months, and is beyond our control.


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