Need an expert look at the unseen details of a case? Over the past 12 years our forensic specialists have contributed to corporate, criminal and high profile cases to help bring the guilty to justice.

What's in it for you?


CSI Africa puts its extensive experience to work with the aim of finding and meticulously extracting case-relevant leads, facts, and proof.


We bring an impressive roster of skills and additional services to the investigation - each to be employed toward the aim of a speedy and successful conclusion.


Where needed CSI Africa's subject specialists are available to provide expert testimony during the relevant phase of legal or disciplinary proceedings.

CSI Africa's forensic fingerprint and crime scene investigation services alleviate the burden of proof placed on investigative and legal teams. For more than 12 years we've assisted private clients as well as the South African Police to uncover the truth behind crimes committed in the workplace or in public.

The scope of our investigative services is broad, but often includes:

  • Patent and latent fingerprinting, evaluation of fingerprint evidence, automated fingerprinting systems
  • Crime scene analysis and reconstruction
  • Educating counsel team members, case evaluation, testing, experimentation, assisting with case development, sourcing other expert witnesses
  • Preparation of demonstrative evidence
  • Expert testimony
  • Crime scene investigation protocols
  • Policies, procedures and professional standards
  • Criminal event analysis and physical evidence correlation

CSI Africa will gather, verify and asses all appropriate and available information. We consider a range of possible options before making clear, timely and justifiable decisions. It is our directive to exercise discretion and apply professional judgment to ensure that subsequent actions and decisions are proportionately and factually accurate.

Following the investigative process, our team members are available to offer expert testimony where needed.

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We're Passionate

CSI Africa is a driver and co-developer of background screening technology in South Africa. Our aim is to turn human risk into valuable trust-based relationships.

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