Reaffirm trust in your employees with periodic polygraph testing. They'll be kept on the straight and narrow. You'll remain protected against financial loss.

What's in it for you?


Suffering inexplicable losses of stock or capital? Use the periodic polygraph test as a first step to identify the weak links in your teams.


Knowing the next polygraph test is just around the corner is enough to deter acts of theft, fraud, and other forms of illicit conduct.


Periodic polygraph testing lets you screen existing members of staff for competitor or syndicate affiliations, and other 'white collar' crimes.

Periodic polygraph testing is a preventative measure. It reduces theft and fraud by identifying compromised individuals, and reveals the people who deserve your trust. It's your psychological shield against greed, corporate malpractice, and the probing intentions of criminal syndicates.

'Psychological shield' because employees who know they'll be tested after being employed are more likely to retain their integrity and conduct themselves with honesty. They'll also be less likely to be drawn in by criminal syndicates looking for a soft target in your staff contingent.

Recommended for positions of trust

Criminal syndicates often target individuals who possess the 'keys' to your wealth, be it physical keys or access to sensitive corporate accounts and information. These positions include:

  • Managers & department heads
  • Stock controllers
  • Finance staff
  • R&D personnel
  • Cleaning staff
  • Domestic workers

You control the content

As with pre-employment polygraph testing you control the content of the periodic polygraph examination. Tell us what you need to know and our experienced polygraphists will create question sets around your requirements.

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Why us?

SAPFED & APA Certified

All CSI Africa polygraphists are certified and accredited by the South African Polygraph Federation as well as the American Polygraph Association.

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