We'll fast track your investigation with polygraph testing designed to shed light on deeply buried truths. We're available for expert testimony, too.

What's in it for you?


Diagnostic polygraph testing allows you to trim large pools of suspects down to those individuals who can help your investigation move forward.


The results from diagnostic polygraph testing can be used to verify suspicions and uncover valuable leads, saving time, money, and investigative resources.


Improve your chances of recovering stolen property and funds. Diagnostic polygraph tests can be customised to suit case- or investigation-specific requirements.

Diagnostic polygraph testing differs from other examinations because questioning is incident-specific. It gives you a chance to uncover hidden truths, find out which witness or suspect statements are likely to be deceptive, and speed your investigation toward a successful close.

Diagnostic polygraph testing also encourages confessions. Over the years we've been fortunate to help many businesses and law enforcement agencies with subject questioning that have lead to partial or full admissions of guilt.

Diagnostic polygraph testing complements investigations

The benefits of diagnostic polygraph testing are in the results. Here's how we can make it work for your investigation:

  • Trim large pools of suspects
  • Identify innocent individuals
  • Speed up investigations
  • Verify existing incident-related facts
  • Lend substance to suspicions
  • Get confessions

Expert testimony available on request

Although polygraph testing enjoys no legislated status in South African, precedents exist where the results can be used to support other evidence, especially when expert testimony is give. We're available to provide the necessary testimony support the merits of your investigation.

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SAPFED & APA Certified

All CSI Africa polygraphists are certified and accredited by the South African Polygraph Federation as well as the American Polygraph Association.

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