Evidence collection & analysis

CSI Africa's evidence collection and analysis service assists in legal cases, private investigations, and corporate internal investigations. Our forensic specialists are qualified and experienced, and capable of providing objective expert testimony based on the well-established scientific principles.

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Follow these easy steps to get your evidence collected and analysed.

Step 1

Complete the form. We'll call you back to conduct a quick interview, and arrange a time and date for evidence collection.


On the arranged date CSI Africa's forensic experts will come to you to discuss your case and collect all necessary pieces of evidence.

Step 3

We'll keep you up to date throughout the evidence analysis process. Results will be made available all parties concerned.

Complete the form below to get started. Should you have any questions, call us on 0861 274 911.


  • Immediately collect photographic records of the crime scene and / or individual objects
  • Cordon off the crime scene until forensic investigators arrive
  • Do not move, remove, or add items to the crime scene
  • Provide all other evidence (e.g. photographs) to investigators

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