Ever been arrested for possession of dagga? Last year’s Constitutional Court ruling means you can now have your criminal record expunged. Here are the steps you need to take.

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“A few years back I was arrested for a minor crime. The case went to court, but was thrown out due to a lack of evidence. Over the past few years I’ve tried applying for various jobs, but have always been turned away despite the interviews going great. Does this mean I have a criminal

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In June of 2013 Forbes published Background Checks On Job Candidates: Be Very Careful . The article highlighted lawsuits filed by US federal regulators who argue that employers who exclude all job applicants with criminal records may be guilty of racial discrimination.

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On January 13th reporter Clem Newton-Brown told in The Sydney Morning Herald of Noel Toevy, an aboriginal dancer, who was arrested one evening in 1951 on suspicion of having participated in a homosexual act. Now, six decades on, Australia is about to expunge the criminal records of those accused of ‘gay crimes’.