Why let relationships suffer the strain of suspicion? Let domestic polygraph testing get you closer to the truth, and a good night's sleep.

What's in it for you?


Domestic polygraph testing lets you uncover truths which can't be detected through normal background screening methods.


Scheduled periodic polygraph testing encourages good conduct and deters unlawful actions such as theft, fraud, and possible abuse.


Find out whether those who enter your home every day have been approached or influenced by criminal syndicates targeting residences.

Domestic polygraph examinations help you save relationships worth saving, and cut ties where suspicions are justified. Whether you suspect your domestic worker of theft, a family member of drug abuse, or a spouse of infidelity, we'll help you back on the road to domestic bliss.

Domestic polygraph testing creates trust

As in the corporate world, polygraph examinations identifies those individuals who can be trusted in and around our homes. It's a preventative measure, too, helping homeowners keep valuables inside their homes instead of pawn shops or the greedy hands of criminal syndicates. As such homeowners are increasingly relying on science to put their minds at ease.

How can domestic polygraph examinations help you?

You'll hire more efficiently

With a polygraph examination you'll find out whether your domestic workers

  • conduct themselves with honesty and integrity in your home
  • have any organised crime syndicate affiliations
  • have any previous convictions relevant to the position you've entrusted them with
  • are eligible to work with your young children
  • are honest about their credentials and references

Expose inappropriate behaviour

The damage caused by inappropriate domestic behaviour  can leave deep scars on any family environment. We'll help you

  • confirm suspected drug or alcohol abuse
  • expose sexual abuse or inappropriate behaviour
  • reveal whether your suspicions of infidelity are justified

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Why us?

SAPFED & APA Certified

All CSI Africa polygraphists are certified and accredited by the South African Polygraph Federation as well as the American Polygraph Association.

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