Cloud-based background screening that helps you keep track of candidates and employees across departments and branches.

Organised. Shareable. Flexible.


Easily create a personal vault for every screening candidate and keep screening results, notes, and files together.


Keep tabs on employees and job applicants by sharing access to their personal vaults with other departments and branches.


myScreening Vault supports all the tools your developers need for integration into your existing business systems and operations.

Build complete candidate profiles

With myScreening Vault you have all popular background checks at your disposal. The centralised system eliminates agency fees and bottlenecks, delivering accurate results quickly and efficiently. Easily screen individuals and groups, and run periodic queries without resubmitting information. Once you submit a check, candidate information and subsequent results are stored safely in the Vault for easy access whenever needed.

Available Checks & Verifications

Consumer Credit Check with a choice of XDS, TransUnion, Experian & Compuscan as your preferred bureau.

Once Off. Inclusive of a Consumer Trace and ID Verification. Done automatically when a file is opened for each candidate.

Verification of ID number.

Done with two thumb prints.

Verify the validity of the driver’s license including the code, date, issued, expiry date and license number.

Verify the validity of Professional Drivers Permit.

Criminal Record Check done with fingerprints submitted directly to the South African Police Service.

Criminal Record Check done with fingerprints submitted directly to the South African Police Service.

Inclusive of barring, debarring, fraud check and date of first appointment.

Verification of bank account information.

Verification of certificate irrespective of date obtained.

Verification of qualifications obtained from local universities, technicons, colleges, and other tertiary educational institutions.

All major vendors included

myScreening Vault provides access to all major local vendors of credit reports, criminal record checks, and other personal information. 

Everything in one place

Instantly verified

Automatic fingerprint and photo identity verification when a new entry is created.

Candidate access

Customers, candidates, and employees can upload required documentation and files wherever they are.

Searchable history

Every check, file, and note is stored in the individual's vault, and can be found using a powerful search function.

Supports major vendors

Simplified comprehensive background screening through integration with all major vendors and institutions.

Offline mode

Schedule checks and verifications while you're on the road. They'll run automatically when you're back online.

Robust security

A proprietary security stack, encryption, and multi-factor authentication keeps your information private and secure.

Make it your own

The myScreening Vault provides support for the REST, SOAP, and net.tcp APIs, and MSMQ channels. With these tools your developers can seamlessly integrate the myScreening Vault into your existing business systems and operations.

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Since the myScreening Vault system accesses a number of proprietary and government databases when running background checks, the signup process is slightly more complicated than simply creating an online account. Please complete all the fields in the form. We'll be in touch within 48 hours to confirm your and finalise your application.

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