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Comprehensive pre-employment screening that takes the uncertainty out of hiring

CSI Safeguard is a robust layer of protection that can be added to any hiring strategy to vet prospective employees. It combines thorough background screening, criminal record checks, and a pre-employment polygraph check to give you an in-depth look at the person you're about to hire. CSI Safeguard can also be used to screen existing employees, taking it from preventative measure to effective deterrent.

FROM R695 per employee


With CSI Safeguard you'll be protected against fraudulent identities, hidden criminal records, individuals with criminal syndicate affiliations and so much more. CSI Safeguard simplifies rock-solid hiring decisions.

Reduce your hiring risk

CSI Safeguard is a comprehensive 3-in-1 screening solution designed to provide hiring peace of mind. Polygraph testing, background screening, and a criminal record check ensures that the really important questions are answered before that final "you're hired!" decision is made.

Screen existing employees

CSI Safeguard can also be used to screen existing employees, and to complement ongoing internal investigations regarding employee conduct. Validated trust eliminates suspicion and creates an efficient and safe workplace environment conducive to positive and productive relationships.

Create your own custom solution

Tailor CSI Safeguard to fit your business environment and hiring requirements. Add more background screening options to achieve complete employee transparency. We'll help you customise the polygraph test to get the answers that will keep your business and employees out of harm's way.

What's included?

Polygraph Testing

Find out whether prospective employees can be trusted. Are they guilty of undocumented misconduct at previous places of work? Are they affiliated with competitors or criminal syndicates. A pre-employment polygraph test will get all the answers you need.

Background Screening

Everybody has a paper trail. CSI Safeguard examines all the important aspects of your candidate's documented past. It includes ID verification and consumer trace (contact details verification). Additional checks (driver's license verification, credit checks, etc.) are available.

Criminal Record Check

CSI Safeguard includes an efficient and speedy criminal record check to help determine candidate suitability. This provides you with an effective means to lower the risk to your business and other employees. Results are available in as little as two working days.

Comprehensive Reporting

We'll provide you with a comprehensive report featuring the results of your candidate's polygraph test, background checks, and criminal record check. All information is uploaded and stored in a secure vault, simplifying future background screening and other relevant checks.


Complete the form on the right. We'll contact you to answer all your questions, and to arrange a date and time that would suit you.

We'll come to you to conduct the polygraph test, collect all relevant documents and information, and take the candidate's fingerprints (for the criminal record check) and photograph (for photo identification).

Once all the results are in, we'll provide you with a comprehensive report. We'll also store the candidate's information in our secure vault should you wish to run any future checks.


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