Bulk Background Checks

Get the background screening tool that matches the way you work. Screen staff, job applicants, and clients from your computer or mobile device.

CSI Africa's background screening consultancy matches your business with the right tools to screen staff, job applicants, or clients.

Finding the right background screening tool can be tricky. Not all screening applications are created equally, and navigating the red tape required to bring these solutions in-house can be complex. CSI Africa's background screening consultancy service simplifies the entire process - from application selection to registration and implementation.

Our suite of screening tools offer individual and bulk checks and verififcations, resubmissions of previous checks, and centralised storage of candidate profiles and results. All our background solutions are POPI-compliant, ensuring that you follow best-practice regulations with ease.

Simplify the tough decisions

Quick Turnaround

Most background screening and veriifcation results are available near-instantly. This makes it easy to make informed decisions without creating bottlenecks or unnecessary delays.

Comprehensive Results

These aren't watered-down background checks that produce an ambigious result. The more information you have, the easier it is to make accurate business decisions.

Tailored to your needs

We'll match you to the ideal application or combination of applications to match your screening needs. This delivers a streamlined and simplified screening process.

MyScreening Vault

The Vault is a POPI-compliant electronic safety deposit box that holds all the personal information and screening results of an individual (such as customers and prospective or current employees). With on-premise and cloud-based solutions, the vault offers centralised storage of individual screening profiles that can be accessed from anywhere.

The Vault makes it easy to access and maintain individual screening profiles across departments, branches, and divisions. From the customer or employee point of view, this eliminates the need to resubmit personal and biometric information. Organisations have a bird’s eye view over all customer and employee data, and are protected against ghost employees, fraud and re-appointing unwanted staff.

With a direct link to the Department of Home Affairs, an individual’s ID, face, and fingerprints can be verified to eliminate identity fraud. Digital identities, such as those created through the Vault’s biometric and other data-gathering processes, are more robust than paper-based verification systems and offer excellent protection from fraud. With CSI Africa’s myScreening Vault, it’s easier to manage people risks carefully and effectively.

Background Checks & Verifications

ITC Credit Checks

ID Verification

DHA Fingerprint Verification

Driver's License Verification

PDP Verification

Criminal Record (Premium)

Criminal Record (Standard)

FAIS Comprehensive

Bank Account Verification

Matric Certificate Verification

Qualification Verification

Social Media Checks

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Need a fingerprint scanner? We recommend Suprema BioMini Slim

BioMini Slim has been designed to provide a high level security solution for identity access management solutions for authentication. With IP65 grade dust and waterproof form factor, BioMini Slim features a sleek ergonomic design with the latest 500dpi slim optical sensor, which boasts a large platen size for easy and reliable fingerprints capturing as well as advanced LFD (Live Finger Detection) technology.

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