B-VERIFIED delivers real-time Department of Home Affairs biometric identity verification to better protect your clients and employees against identity fraud.

Easy to install and operate, B-VERIFIED connects directly to the highly secure Department of Home Affairs national database to verify identities. This ensures accurate real-time identity verification through biometric credentials which are near impossible to falsify.

Doing business with B-VERIFIED means your clients and employees can now enjoy peace of mind that you’re doing more to directly protect them against the unfortunate consequences of identity theft. They are better protected against severe emotional discomfort, worry, and the potential for sudden financial ruin.


Financial Institutions

South African banks already use an identical system to verify the identities of their cusotmers. B-VERIFIED provides insurance companies and smaller finanical institutions with access to this technology to protect themselves and their customers.

Rental Agencies

B-VERIFIED is used by estate agents as well as vehicle and equipment rental companies. Real-time identiity DHA ID verification allows businesses to actively screen prospective tenants and applicants, preventing fraud associated with falisfied IDs.


Don't have the time or resources to run comprehensive background checks on prospective employees? B-Verified is a proven means of quickly and inexpensively identifying and preventing employment-related ID fraud - reducing the potential of negligent hiring law suits.


Identification relies on unique physiological features that can't be swapped, shared, or stolen. This ensures 100% accurate identification.

Better Intelligence

B-VERIFIED provides intelligence about clients, contractors, and employees to help protect your business against potential criminal elements.


Enhanced Accountability

A concrete audit trail linked to an individual's identity establishes accountability. Activities, actions, and transactions can be recorded and stored to reduce the potential of fraud.


Custom biometric databases are easily created and customised to suit in-house or industry requirements.


Offline capability - standalone system

Auto-population of Name and Surname based on verified ID

Facial portrait linking with captured fingerprints and ID data

Duplicate finger detection

FBI / Interpol / SAPS compliant WSQ fingerprint images stored

View individuals as PDF or bitmap; export database to excel

Need a fingerprint scanner? We recommend Suprema BioMini Slim

BioMini Slim has been designed to provide a high level security solution for identity access management solutions for authentication. With IP65 grade dust and waterproof form factor, BioMini Slim features a sleek ergonomic design with the latest 500dpi slim optical sensor, which boasts a large platen size for easy and reliable fingerprints capturing as well as advanced LFD (Live Finger Detection) technology.

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