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Almost two thirds of Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres and after school care facilities are “backmarket ECDs”. It’s up to parents and the community to ensure that staff at these centres are screened and vetted.

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Over the last few years we’ve been expanding CSI Africa’s nationwide capture footprint to make police clearance certificates and reports and identity verification more accessible throughout South Africa.

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Over 118,000 people were arrestedd by the end of South Africa’s initial 21-day lockdown. Many who paid an admission of guilt fine may now find themselves with a previous conviction.

Ever been arrested for possession of dagga? Last year’s Constitutional Court ruling means you can now have your criminal record expunged. Here are the steps you need to take.

Can you be held liable for the actions of an employee? In the tragic case of UCT Student Uyinene Mrwetyana, it’s likely that the liability of the Post Office will be tested.

Ban the Box restricts employers asking about a candidates criminal convictions, and appears to be gaining traction in the United States. But will it work in SA?

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As of January 2019 all new teachers will be required to submit police clearance certificates. But will it happen, and is it enough? We’ve got a solution.

CSI Safeguard - Pre-employment Screening

For years enterprise-sized companies have had a variety of tools at their disposal to minimise the potential risk posed by new recruits. With the introduction of CSI Safeguard, these tools are now also available to small businesses, like yours.

The Employee Risk Conference was held at the Focus Rooms in Sunninghill, Johannesburg, earlier this month. It’s the kind of event that can really help small business owners as well as key HR personnel in bigger businesses hire safer and more efficiently. Of course, not everyone could be there, which is why we’re sharing a