Polygraph testing is both a preventative measure and an investigative tool. We'll help you vet prospective employees, or find out what you're not being told. It's quick and affordable.

Polygraph Testing

Detect Deception

At CSI Africa we combine extensive polygraph experience with the latest and greatest in technology, questioning techniques and deception-cracking algorithms to identify the innocent and expose deeply buried truths. With us you'll get the answers you need to make informed decisions - whether you're hiring, firing, or eager to get an uncomfortable investigation done with.

Confessions come easier with polygraph examinations

A little known fact about polygraph examinations is that, with an experienced polygraph examiner and the right questions, confessions are easier to get than with normal questioning / interrogation methods.

Over the years we've helped law enforcement agencies, businesses, and homeowners identify perpetrators, recover stolen items, avoid hiring the wrong people, and, importantly, sleep easier at night.

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