CarerCheck helps to create a safe learning environment for small children by ensuring carers comply with the Children's Act of 2005.

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CarerCheck is the start of a trusting relationship between carers, small children and their parents. This comprehensive system verifies the backgrounds of carers employed at partial care facilities to provide peace of mind, and to promote compliance with the Children's Act of 2005.

CarerCheck also saves time. It assumes all the administrative responsibilities associated with background checks that usually fall on those in managerial positions at partial care facilities.

What's in it for you?


Identity fraud can be used as a means to get closer to young children. Verifying the identity of each carer lets you know who you're trusting.


Get peace of mind that the people you hire to take care of children really earned their qualifications. We'll also verify their references and experience.


Past behaviour can't be read from a CV. Criminal record checks let you know whether a carer has been convicted for any relevant offences.

Getting started

Book your CarerCheck appointment by calling us on 0861 274 911, or just send a message. One of our consultants will come to you to collect the documentation listed below, and to collect fingerprints of staff or job applicants you want to verify as criminal record-free.

What we need from you


A certified copy of the ID or passport of each individual to be screened


A copy of his or her qualifications, references, and other credentials


The certified fingerprints of each individual you wish to have checked for a criminal record

CarerCheck accesses a variety of government information databases on your behalf, which is why the items above are required. We also provide an on-site digital fingerprinting service in the Gauteng area as part of the CarerCheck system. (But certified fingerprints may also be submitted, and can be obtained from your local police station.)

How long does it take?

We'll verify the identity of each individual, confirm the authenticity of his or her qualifications, and run a criminal record check - all within 48 hours.

Driver's license and Public Driving Permit (PDP) verification is also available, and is the ideal screening add-on when parents rely on your institution for safe transport of their little ones.

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Why us?

We're Passionate

CSI Africa is a driver and co-developer of background screening technology in South Africa. Our aim is to turn human risk into valuable trust-based relationships.

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