SACE Assist

With CSI Africa's speedy salary-friendly SACE preparation, you can even submit your appliciation on the same day. Visit us opposite the SACE offices and get 1-hour police clearance and A-Z professional assistance with your membership application.

SACE Registrations & Renewals

We’ll help you shave weeks off the SACE application process with expert assistance that covers the whole process from start to finish.

Police Clearance

Wait time for a Police Clearance Certificate: 4 – 6 weeks. Or you can get a SACE-approved Police Clearance Report in just 1 hour.

Document Certification

Easily complete your SACE application with CSI Africa’s document certification service. Find out which documents need to be certified here.


You’ll need to bring your ID or passport, and all the necessary documents listed on the SACE membership application page.

Yes we do. We’ll also assist with the completion of the forms and help get your application submission ready.

A police clearance report serves the same purpose as a police clearance certificate, but can only be used in a limited number of scenarios such as SACE applications, NCR applications, pre-employment screening, etc. The benefit it that it only takes 1 hour to complete whereas a police clearance certificate may take 4 – 6 weeks.

Nope. But come early if you want to submit your SACE application on the same day.


Futurum Office Park, Block D
251 Lenchen Avenue
Die Hoewe
Tel: 0861 274 911


Want to submit your application on the same day? Remember to come early and bring all necessary identification, certificates, and other documentation as indicated on the SACE registration requirements page.