myScreening is the total HR background screening solution. With more than 40 checks you can easily reduce your hiring risk.

Run background checks wherever you are

With myScreening you can run more than 40 background checks and verifications from your desktop or laptop computer. The centralised system eliminates agency fees and bottlenecks, delivering accurate results quickly and efficiently.

Easily screen individuals and groups, and run periodic queries without resubmitting information. Once you submit a check, candidate information and subsequent results are stored safely in the Vault for easy access whenever needed.

Since all information is stored in a secure, centralised location, employee transfers and information sharing with other relevant departments can be done in a few clicks. This makes myScreening a versatile and powerful HR tool whatever the size of your company.

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Easily integrate myScreening with your business

myScreening Cloud

Access myScreening from any browser, anywhere in the world. All candidate information and queries are stored in the secure cloud Vault.

myScreening Integrated

Create your own internal myScreening cloud environment. Efficient integration with company systems delivers compatibility with your internal data policies and procedures.

myScreening Mobile

Create offline queries wherever you are. Queries are submitted whenever you're connected to the internet, syncing directly to myScreening Cloud or your company systems.

myScreening Checks & Verifications

  • Verification of ID number (ID number and alive / deceased status)
  • ID investigation trace (ID validation and return of personal details)
  • Personal ID profile
  • Criminal record check (via fingerprints)
  • Criminal record check (International)
  • Risk assessment
  • Tracing tools
  • Work permit verification
  • SA Passport verification
  • Permanent resident verification
  • Marital status check
  • Birth certificate - Abridged
  • Death certificate
  • Court case search
  • Court case search with copy of document
  • Verification of personal bank account details
  • Basic credit check - XDS
  • Basic credit check - Transunion
  • Basic credit check - Compuscan
  • Detailed credit check - Compuscan (Includes personal details, marital status, director info, and property deeds)
  • CIPC Director's check
  • Deeds office search (Includes all 9 regions of SA)
  • Driver's license verification
  • Driver's license verification (International)
  • Public Driving Permit (PDP) verification
  • International Public Driving Permit (PDP) verification
  • Outstanding traffic fines
  • Vehicle registration check
  • Vehicle ownership check
  • CCMA employee record check
  • Matric certificate verification (After 1992)
  • Matric certificate verification (Before 1992. Subject to a fee from the DoE)
  • Matric certificate full details (After 1992 only. Includes symbols. Copy of certificate required.)
  • Other local qualification verification
  • International qualification verification (Subject to quote)
  • Haschem certificates
  • SIA
  • Nursing Council

The Total HR Solution

  • The fast all-in-one screening and verification destination

    myScreening boasts a direct connection to various national intelligence databases, including the South African Police Service (SAPS) Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Through these direct connections myScreening can quickly verify an applicant's identity, credentials, and criminal record status.
  • Designed to complement the way you work

    Streamline your HR procedures with reliable turnaround times. myScreening severely reduces the amount of wait time traditionally associated with background checks and verifications. The results of simple checks such as identity verification and credit status are available immediately. Others, such as criminal record checks are made available in as little as 48 hours.

Find out more and get your myScreening account today. Call us on 0861 274 911