The ultimate background screening solution for institutions and people who work with children.

Who should be screened?

If you employ people who work directly with children, the Children’s Act (38 of 2005) and the Sexual Offences and Related Matters Act (32 of 2007) requires screening of each individual. The context in which contact with children occur is irrelevant, which means that even volunteers, interns, Sunday-school teachers and pastors, for example, are subject to screening.

What's Included?

Secure & Compliant

We use a digital, secure vault to capture and upload the details of current and prospective carers, teachers, and other educators. These include IDs, driver’s licences, PDPs (in case of persons transporting children), digital fingerprints, a photograph, and other relevant documents.

The Vault is compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act (4 of 2013) and only the employer will have access to his/her employee details via a username and password we will provide.

All necessary information is submitted to a number of government databases on behalf of employers. We adhere to the protocols stipulated in the relevant legislation such as the POPI Act, Children’s Act, and the Sexual Offences and Related Matter’s Act.

Results are published to the profile of each employee, and the employer is notified to access the information.

At the end of the process you will rececive a CarerCheck Certificate listing the employees who have been vetted. Display your CarerCheck Certificate on your premises to show your institution is compliant with current legislation aimed at keeping children safe.

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