CarerCheck is a comprehensive educator background-screening solution that promotes safe learning environments for children of all ages.

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Why CarerCheck?

33% of children in South Africa will experience some form of abuse in their lifetime. That’s 12 children in a class of 40, or nationally, a number double the population of Bloemfontein.

Physical abuse has a prevalence of 34.8% and emotional abuse 12.6% amongst young people. Abuse may be perpetrated by the same person over a period of years.

It is estimated that only 12% of sexual offences are reported to SAPS in South Africa , which means that 8 in 9 cases go unreported.

CarerCheck runs more comprehensive background checks on educators than anywhere else.

Reoccurring abuse by known adult occurs in up to 40% of all reported cases. Once-off incidents constitute 91% of all reported cases.

Boys and girls are equally at risk of abuse, with girls more likely to experience contact sexual abuse, and boys more likely to experience exposure abuse. Abuse can occur at any age.

20% of all cases of reported sexual abuse occur in schools. 33% of perpetrators of sexual offences against children are teachers or other individuals in positions of trust.

How it works

We use a digital, secure vault to capture and upload the details of current and prospective carers, teachers, and other educators. These include IDs, driver’s licences, PDPs (in case of persons transporting children), digital fingerprints, a photograph, and other relevant documents.

The Vault is compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act (4 of 2013) and only the employer will have access to his/her employee details via a username and password we will provide.

We use the information uploaded to the vault to submit applications to the Police, National Child Protection Register and National Register of Sex Offenders on behalf of employers. We adhere to the protocols stipulated in the relevant legislation such as the POPI Act, Children’s Act, and the Sexual Offences and Related Matter’s Act.

Once we receive the results of the checks, they are uploaded to the vault under the profile of each employee, and the employer is notified to access the information.

At the end of the process you will rececive a CarerCheck Certificate listing the employees who have been vetted. Display your CarerCheck Certificate on your premises to show your institution is compliant with current legislation aimed at keeping children safe.

What's Included?

Identity Verification

Identity fraud can be used as a means to get closer to young children. CarerCheck verifies the identity of each enrolled applicant to protect against false identities.

Credential Verification

Get peace of mind that the people you hire to take care of children really earned their qualifications. We'll also verify their references and work experience.

Criminal Record Check

Past behaviour can't be read from a CV. Criminal record checks let you know whether a carer, teacher, or other educator has been convicted for any relevant offences.

SAPS Clearance

CarerCheck goes the extra mile by scrutinising each enrolled applicant for pending criminal cases, convictions and/or imposed sentences against an individual that may make them unfit to work with children.

National Child Protection Register Check

Are there any red flags such as various forms of abuse or neglect highlighted by a court which may make a carer, teacher, or other educator unfit to work with children? CarerCheck leaves no stone unturned to help safeguard South Africa’s children.

National Register of Sex Offenders Check

The National Register of Sex Offenders will reveal whether an enrolled applicant has any convictions or other findings specific to the sexual abuse of children against their name.

CarerCheck Certificate

Get started

Book your CarerCheck appointment by calling us on 0861 274 911, or by completing the form. Given that we're accessing a number of government databases, registers, and reports, the complete screening process may take up to three business days.