Image of a man strapped to a polyrgaph machine

How polygraph machines work

Back in the day polygraph machines resembled those devices we often see in movies: wires of which the one end was connected to the examinee (the person taking the test) and the other to a box. This box had a single sheet of scrolling paper, on which various needles were scribbling what seems to the

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According to the APA Polygraph Model Policy on Standards, there are some people who aren’t suitable for polygraph testing.They include minors, IQ-impaired individuals, and others. The list below should be regarded as advisory, with exceptions likely in extreme circumstances: 1. Age score Generally individuals of 12 years or older may be asked to undergo a

Image of the ST-Delta Safety Tracker Phone

The Personal Safety Panic Button

Every so often the issue of personal safety is emphasised in the media. And it is unfortunate that it happens almost exclusively at the expense of someone else – the victim, and his or her family and friends. It is a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless. Reports of a young girls murdered in and

It’s been a while since we last posted – we’ve been working hard behind the scenes developing a new product to take the hassle out of employee records management, and improving the way we interact with you, our valued client. So, without further ado… myScreening has gone Desktop myScreening Desktop has been designed as a

Picture of a drop of blood

Crime scene reconstruction is a favourite of CSI-type television shows. After all, most people like a good “whodunnit”. And finding out who did it usually starts with finding out what happened. Here we’ll introduce you to blood spatter analysis, and see how it can help forensic investigators go back in time to unearth a few very important clues.

CV fraud is a prevalent theme in South Africa, with many individuals falsifying either qualifications or references with the aim of attaining sought-after positions. If you think it’s a good idea to be more risk averse in 2016, this post is for you.

House robbers are typically aged between 19 and 26 and have spent a lot of time gaining the needed experience to be successful. This experience is often put to good use over the festive season when there’s no one at home, or when the presents under your Christmas tree appear to have some financial value.

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How to clear your good name

Sit for a polygraph test. Sounds incredibly simplistic, but it works – in this case to the benefit of two individuals wrongly implicated in a theft, and to the detriment of the ex-colleague who implicated them. Please note that names and certain non-essential details regarding the case below have been omitted or changed to protect

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Thinking that criminals are just a bunch of drug addicts, cash-strapped desperados or plainly bad people borders on naive. Scientific evidence suggesting that childhood trauma plays a major part in criminal or socially unacceptable behaviour is coming to the fore – and fuels the need for serious change in South Africa. Recent reports published in