CSI Africa CEO Amelia Griesel is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of South Africa (ACFE SA), and an active participant in the ACFE SA Science Forum. Amelia occupied the position of president of the South African Professional Polygraph Association for two consecutive years, and is currently the vice president of the South African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED). Through CSI Africa Amelia provides first class forensic fingerprint training to legal teams and private organisations. Amelia is a successful graduate of the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training.
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CSI Africa’s new CarerCheck system simplifies the often complex background screening and credential verification procedure. It saves time, and reduces the administrative load on the owners of juvenile care institutions who are often fulltime carers themselves.

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Lie detection sans polygraph machine has become a feature in many popular television series, and it gives characters imbued with this ability almost superhuman status. But is it real or not? Can deception be inferred from facial expressions? Well, no and yes.

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Fingerprint analysis is one of a number of components used in forensic investigation. It is one of the most accurate and common methods of identification in the world today, and can be lifted from a number of surfaces by forensic investigators – from paper to walls to human skin. Despite having been noted in the

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On January 13th reporter Clem Newton-Brown told in The Sydney Morning Herald of Noel Toevy, an aboriginal dancer, who was arrested one evening in 1951 on suspicion of having participated in a homosexual act. Now, six decades on, Australia is about to expunge the criminal records of those accused of ‘gay crimes’.

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If it has been more than 10 years since your conviction, you may be eligible for criminal record expungement. More job opportunities, freedom to travel or emigrate, and even some consumer privileges are some of the benefits of being free of your criminal record.

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It happens more often than you may know. It happens while you are at work, at home, and even while you are sleeping. You may think you have a clean credit record, a smudge-free background, and no criminal record. Yet you may be one of the many thousands who could benefit from a background check.

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In 2012 Francois Venter, a director of Jawitz Properties, urged landlords to do credit checks on prospective tenants. A Forbes article on the effects of bad credit include relationships as a possible victim. A Women24 piece lists insurance as one of the modern conveniences more expensive for those with bad credit records, than those who’ve faithfully paid up on time.

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Lie Detection in Action

The occurrence of polygraph testing in South Africa is rising, with employers, employees, and private individuals relying on test results to facilitate the swift and accurate resolution of disputes and conflicts, and the allaying or confirmation of suspicion.