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Image of a job applicant and an interviewerRead more +19 January 2017 By Amelia Griesel in Employment

Job Hunting in 2017? Use These 5 Tips To Improve Your Chances

We’re all about the right people finding employment to match their qualifications, skills, and personality types. You’ll see more about that in 2017 as we introduce psychometric tests to help match employers and employees in a way beneficial to both. But let’s take a step back and look at some tips to help you, the
Picture of a group of employeesRead more +08 November 2016 By CSI Admin in Background Screening & Verification, Pre-employment polygraph testing

Hiring right is going to be critical in 2017

Well, we’re on shaky ground as it is. The political atmosphere is playing havoc with the country’s economy. Next year may just be another year or, as some very clever people predict, one of the more economically uncertain in our young democracy. In light of that, hiring and firing in 2017 is something which should
Public Toilets - Male Female SignRead more +13 October 2016 By Amelia Griesel in Diagnostic polygraph testing, Polygraph testing

Polygraph Testing Proves Innocence In ‘Non-white’ Toilets Race Case

“Down stairs toilets for non-whites or if you black wearing EPWP overall-by order councillor office” – thus read a notice pasted on the front door of Port Elizabeth’s Kuyga Community Hall. Furious residents were quick to demand answers from Ward 40 DA councillor, Jason Grobbelaar. This unfortunate turn of events came about after three Extended